Company Overview

Since our incorporation in Hong Kong in 1992, companies around the world have trusted Quality Control Services (Holdings) Ltd. to ensure the quality and safety of their products. QCS, with operations in Hong Kong, China, and Thailand ensures that consumer products fit the standards and qualifications required by North American and European retailers.

We are one of the leading and fastest growing providers of quality control services worldwide, specializing in the Asia Pacific region. We accredit ourselves as a boutique corporation with a passion beyond quality assurance. QCS also ensures that products are produced in a socially accountable environment while meeting quality and safety standards – determining if our clients' quality concerns are being met.

Quality Control Services (Holdings) Ltd. specializes in hardline and softline consumer product inspections, factory evaluations and audits. QCS has introduced a new methodology to the industry. Our focus on integrity as a foundation to all of our procedures and systems has enabled us to become a respected leader in the industry.

We offer several types of inspections and various elements of social compliance, including but not limited to C-TPAT (Customs & Trade Partnership against Terrorism). We have gained a reputation for providing high degrees of integrity, professionalism and innovation in our services. QCS is wholly committed to delivering reliable and flexible services at the most competitive prices.

Our Mission

Quality Control Services (Holdings) Ltd. is dedicated to delivering service excellence to our clients. We strive to help our clients achieve an optimal level of quality for their products by utilizing our expertise to evaluate if their quality standards are fulfilled.

Our Vision

We aim to establish ourselves as a competitive quality control service provider leading the industry based on professionalism, integrity and trust. We are committed to providing our clients with confidence that we will deliver exceptional and personal service to determine and make them aware of whether their products meet quality standards.

Global Reach and Local Presence

The QCS team consists of local and foreign experts from Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Taiwan, India, Korea, Europe, Canada and the USA. Our multicultural environment gives us a competitive edge in dealing with our equally diverse line of clients. Depending on the season, we employ over 500 staff members. Of this, the majority are locally engaged staff, a practice that has allowed us to be successful in understanding and operating in local marketplaces.

Our entire team is thoroughly trained on western consumer standards, inspection procedures, in-country regulations and practices. They understand the needs of our customers and have the ability to provide outstanding and professional services on a timely basis. All our staff are committed to the highest level of customer service our clients.

QCS is headquartered in Hong Kong while operating branch offices in China and Thailand. Additionally, we have sales and service offices located in Taiwan, India, Canada and the USA. With this geographical coverage, QCS successfully manages and operates in over 50 countries. At QCS, integrity is the core to all our business practices. Our reputation is largely derived from innovative approaches and methodologies that differentiate us from all our peers. We have pioneered new systems in the industry which have been a determining factor for many corporations to choose to work with us.